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Suggest features you would like to see implemented in future versions of AV Video Karaoke Maker and your feedback to the current version
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TOPIC: What AV Karaoke Maker needs to be useful

What AV Karaoke Maker needs to be useful 9 years, 12 months ago #3214

  • Andrew
Hey, I'm not going to knock this program for being free and all, just pointing out it should be advertised as a beta version and not a 1.0. Some serious issues:

-font type and size cannot be changed
-when the lyrics font dialogue is called, it overrides any previous "play color" selection
-only 2 lines of lyrics display at any time and there is no way to change this
-Synchronize behavior is buggy. I'm not sure what triggers it, but frequently the word sync buttons in the lower right remain active even though the text box is in edit mode, not sync mode
-Opening a wav file doesn't always get reflected in the appropriate settings option, meaning it doesn't play in previews or get rendered even though it's loaded in the main display.

In addition, you might consider adding:
-A "count in key" for putting in a placeholder character like a box (this is very common in standard karaoke song files)
-A way to export as mpg+g format (even if this takes it outside the scope of a free product, I'd personally be willing to pay for that feature)
-Improvements to WAV navigation (ie don't have it jump the play position when you merely scroll the view)

Overall I like the feel of this product and think it's a basically intuitive design... would love to see it further developed. Thanks!
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Re: What AV Karaoke Maker needs to be useful 9 years, 12 months ago #3403

Excellent suggestions!
Thank you.
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