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Could not open Installation Logs file?

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Attempt to remove the software failed because of the following prompt:

Fig 00: Wise Uninstall Notification

The problem might occur due to 2 reasons:

  • INSTALL.LOG file is missing / or corrupt.
  • Access to INSTALL.LOG file is denied.


  • Open the directory of the installed software
  • Drag the INSTALL.LOG file over UNWISE.exe
  • Continue with the uninstallation


  • Open the directory of the installed software
  • Move the INSTALL.LOG file to Desktop
  • Double-click to run UNWISE.exe
  • A window shows up to ask for the Installation Logs File »  Locate to the INSTALL.LOG file on Desktop
  • Continue with the uninstallation


  • If you cannot find the INSTALL.LOG in the directory of the installed software, it is recommended to reinstall the software first to recover the missing file before uninstalling the software.

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