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Extract Audio from Video File

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You just downloaded a video clip from YouTube and only need its audio for music mixing. There’s a simple way to cut out the whole audio or a portion of it and export new audio into various audio file format like MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, etc.

With the assistant of the free AV Audio Editor – a handy and fully functional audio editing program, you can input any video file and export the audio part out of it.

AV Audio Editor supports a long list of audio/video file format:

  • Input Video File Formats: 3GP; AVI; MP4; FLV; MKV; etc.
  • Output Audio File Formats: MP3; WMA; WAV; FLAC; APE; MP4; MPC; OGG; RAW; SPX; TTA; WV; etc.

» Download Free AV Audio Editor here; or

» Download Media Player Morpher for the complete audio and video tool selections.

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- Double click on a AV Audio Editor shortcut; or

AV Audio Editor

- Launch Media Player Morpher » On the main menu, select Tools » Audio tools » AV Audio Editor to open the tool.

Launch Audio Editor

- When AV Audio Editor open, choose File menu (1) » Open File...(2)

Open File

- Then locate to your video file's directory, select it (3) and click Open (4)

Locate video file

- Wait for the file to be fully loaded into AV Audio Editor. It may take longer if the file size is large.

Video File Sucessfully Imported

- On the icon bar, click Save as (5) to save your file as a new audio file » Choose the file destination folder (6) » Input File name (7) and select your favorite audio format type at Save as type (8). Click Save when done.

Output Settings

- Then the Encoding Settings window will appear for further settings. If you have no idea what to choose, just leave it as recommended and click Save (9).

Encoding Settings

And now, you have a new audio file from your downloaded video.

- Drag to select your favorite part of the audio » Right-click and use Cut/Copy function to add the selected range to clipboard.

Select audio portion

- Create a New File... (10) and paste the selected to the main waveform workplace (11)

Paste selection to new file

Note: If you want to enhance the audio or mix it in your own style, do not miss out this tutorial.

- Scroll up to Step 2 for how to save the audio file.