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Create your favorite ringtone

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Do you want to own unique ringtones created from your favorite songs? Why don’t you do it yourself by using  AV Audio Editor , simple software for newbie?

Let's follow these step-by-step instructions to turn your favorite tunes into special ringtones which perfectly represent your unique style.

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-    Run Audio Editor.

-    Click on New Multitrack Session.. button (1) >> Choose the Sample Rate and Channels in the New Multitrack Session window (2) >> Click on OK button (3).

Fig 1: Create a new Multitrack Session

-    Double click on the position of track‘s portion where you want to add the song (1).

-    Choose your favorite song and click on OK button (2).

Fig 2: Select your favorite song for the new ringtone

-    Click on the track’s portion what you want add effects (1).

-    Select any effects what you wish to add to your ringtone (2).

-    Now, click Close button (3) close the dialog box .

Fig 3: Apply audio effects

-    Click on the position of the ringtones you want to review (1).

-    Click Play button (2) to hear your result.

Fig 4: Review your new ringtone

-    Click on Save as… button (1).

-    Choose location where you want to save this ringtone.

-    Choose the ringtone's format type at Save as type (2) combo box and click on Save button (3).

Fig 5: Save your ringtone


- If you save your ringtone as *mpmes format, you can re-open and continue to modify it by Audio Editor in the next time.

- Save as *acc, *wav, *mp3, *ogg, or *raw, you will have your ringtone with normal quality.

- Besides, save as *flac, * ape , *mpc, *spx, or  *tta: you can get lossless ringtones with  higher quality.