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How to record your morphed voice in Anime Studio Pro 10

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» What is Anime Studio Pro?

Anime Studio is animation software for amateurs and professionals. Anime Studio makes animation fun, quick and affordable. Create your own characters or import existing files. Anime Studio is easy to use animation software for beginners and professionals.

So you are going make a short animation with various funny characters; but how many voices can you speak to fit your characters? We guess a little voice changing technique will help.

Follow this tutorial and you will learn how to change your voice with Voice Changer Software Diamond 8.0 (VCSD8) then record in Anime Studio Pro 10.

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On VCSD8 main panel, click Preferences to open VCS Settings dialog box.

In Preferences tab, switch from Hook mode to Virtual Audio Driver mode.

- Check on Virtual driver Mode (1).

VCS Settings dialog box

- Click OK (2) to apply the new setting and close Preferences dialog box.

Open VCSD8, choose morphing effects and make adjustments for your voice until you achieve desired voice output.

Click here to learn how to change voice using Voice Morpher feature and other voice changing task that Voice Changer Software Diamond 8.0 can do.

To keep the voice with morphed effects by VCS, you will nee to set up the computer’s audio system to use VCS Virtual Audio Device (named AVnex Virtual Audio Device) as the active microphone driver for recording in CrazyTalk.

Please follow to change the settings:

- From the Start menu, click Control Panel >> Go to Hardware and Sound

Hardware and Sound

-  Choose Manage audio devices to open Sound dialog box.

Manage audio devices

In the Sound dialog box:

- Select Recording tab >> choose Micophone Avnex Virtual Audio Device and click on Set Default button.

Sound dialog box

- Click OK button to finish and close Sound dialog box.

- Run Anime Studio Pro 10.

- Go to Windows menu >> Select Audio Recording command to open Audio Recording dialog box.

Open Audio Recording dialog box

In Audio Recording dialog box:

- Choose Microphone (Avnex Virtual Audio Device) in the drop down list. Now Voice Changer Software Diamond will be set as the main audio processor in Anime Studio Pro.

Choose Microphone (Avnex Virtual Audio Device)

- Click Record to start recording your voice with morphing effects selected in Step 2.

- Click Stop to stop recording and Play to check your result.

- Click Add to Project to import your recording into the animation.

» You can also refer to this tutorial for how to make recordings with Voice Changer Software Diamond 8.0 then import ready audio files to Anime Studio Pro 10.