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Create horror story with Voice Changer Software 8.0 and Media Player Morpher

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This tutorial will guide you on how to create a chilling horror audio story or even an audio book (if you have the spirit). In this tutorial, we will take use of the Voice Changer Software Diamond 8.0 (VCSD8) and Media Player Morpher 6.0 (MPM) and you will see how cool those two are when working together.

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- Find a horror story on the internet or in a book, or a scary story you can think of.

- This tutorial is making based on a script from make4fun community page. For your reference, click here.

- Cut the entire script into smaller components for flexible recording and editing later.

- The script is commonly divided chronologically by story background or character speech.

- Click here to learn how to record your voice

- Now you have raw audio files waiting for editing next step

- Within this tutorial limitation, we use a Text-to-speech Software to convert text into audio files instead of recording voice.

- This step is one-to-many voice editing instruction.

- On the left panel, find Player. Import newly recorded files to Player.

+ Click Open (1)

+ In Open window, locate your recordings » Select them and click OK (2)

VCSD8_Import files to Player


- Click Play (3) to preview the file with the adjusted effects. While listening, move the Timbre – Pitch cursor (4) to achieve a suitable result.

- Click here for more details about changing voice with Voice Morpher.

VCSD8_Change voice while playing

- In the coming part, we will try to export our recorded files with desired morphing effects.

- Choose File Morpher icon (5) on the left panel.

VCSD8_File Morpher icon

- In File Morpher dialog box.

+ Your playlist in the player will be auto imported to File Morpher (6).

+ Click Browse (7) to choose the destination for the morphed files.

+ Expand the Output format drop down list (8) and choose your favorite file format.

+ Click (9) for further encoding settings.

+ Remember to check on Process File(s) with VCS (*) then choose Morph (10) and wait a few seconds for the process.

VCSD8_File Morpher window

- Run Media Player Morpher » In Audio Tools, choose Audio Editor (1)

MPM_Audio Editor

- When Audio Editor comes up, choose New Multitrack Session (2)

Note: As soon as you click on the New Multiple Track session button, a popup named Multiple Session Sample Rate will appear and ask you to select the sample rate for your project. Just leave it as default 44100 (3) if you are not sure what setting to choose.

AE_Open New Multitrack Session

- On each track line, right – click >> Add New Track From File or double click to insert an audio file.

- Hold down the right mouse button on each track to move it along the time line.

- To make the story more interesting, you can reserve the last track for a background music sound track. Click here for more background audio & effects.

AE_Multitrack Session

Note: To edit a single track, double click that track.

- Add effect(s) in the Effects Library to make your story sound more interesting.

AE_Edit single track

- After perfectly joining files together, choose Save (4) or Save As (5). Type in File name (6), select file format (7) then click Save (8)

AE_Save file

Now, your special audio story with your own voice and effort is done.

Check out our result.