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Export custom nickvoice into file

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The Voice Morpher panel of Voice Changer Software Diamond 8.0 (VCSD8) allows you to customize or create a nickvoice and thus say in any voice you want.

This tutorial will guide you the way to export acustom nickvoice into file so that you can quickly load that preset voice for later uses.

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- Using Voice Morpher panel (step 1 and step 2) to create a unique nickvoice.

» For instant use, visit our Add-on Store to download nickvoice packs from games and movies.

- After being satisfied with the newly created nickvoice, you might need to save it for later uses.

- On Voice Morpher panel, click Save (1) to bring up Save As dialog box.

- Name your nickvoice (2) then drop down the folder list and choose destination folder for the file (3) >> Click Save.
Save the nickvoice
The nickvoice file (.nvc) has been safely stored in your computer.


If your nickvoice is also configured with advanced settings, do similar tasks to save Equalizer (.eq), Effects (.efs), Vowel Enhancer (.fmnt) … files.

» Click here for how to insert new nickvoice into menu Nickvoice.

» Click here for how to load your saved nickvoice presets into use.

- Log in to your account in Support Center page.

Support Center - login page

- Go to Forum (4) and then choose the sub-cate Shared custom nickvoices (5) in AV Voice Changer Software & AV Voizgame.

Support Center - forum page

Note: After successfully login, you can click here to directly go to nickvoice library in Support Center's Forum.

- Select New topic.

Support Center - share custom nickvoice

- Check on the Anonymous Post in case you want to privatize your information. Then enter your name in (6).

- Choose Subject for the topic (7).

- Type in your message (8).

- Click Add File (9) then locate the nickvoice file to attach it >> Click Insert (10).

If there is any mistake, Remove it (11) and start attaching again.

You can add multiple files by repeating this step.


Please be noticed that only following file formats are acceptable: jpg, jpeg, gif, png and txt, rtf, pdf, zip, tar.gz, tgz, tar.bz2.

So you’d better pack all of your nickvoice files/nickvoice components into a .zip file.

- Enter the code (12) to verify you are posting this not robot.

- Click Submit (13) to finish.

Your nickvoice(s) is now ready to share with other members.

Support Center - new topic