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Making your own CD, DVD

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This short guide will help you know how to make your own CD, DVD in the fastest and easiest way.


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Open AV Burner by clicking Burner on the module toolbar.

·       Press Create New Data Disk (1) to create a new CD/DVD image.

·       Drag and drop files from Box (2) to Box (3) to make your CD image.

·       Remember to see the Status Line (4) displaying the total time and size of the compilation.

·       After checking everything, click the Record Disk button (5) to make your own music CD. The Write audio CD dialog box will pop up.

·       At Burn Tab (1), choose the suitable speed and check the Write box.

Note: If it says that can't burn the disc, decrease the speed may be the solution.

·       Click Info button (2) to know more about the CD.

·       Click Label button (3) to choose the name of the CD.

·       Click Multisession button (4) to move to the last tab. Choose No Multisession to create a disc to which can not be copied more. Choose Continue Multisession to continue burning to a disc burned. Choose Create Mulitesession to create a disc to which can be burned more later.

Note: Some time the data that was burned to a Multisession Disc can be read only by the DVD or CD Rom of the same branch name. So that, No Multisession is suggested.

·       Press Burn! to start the burning process.

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