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How to use Parody Manager

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Parody Manager gives you a unique possibility to talk with the voice of your favorite music and movie stars or other famous people.


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·       Parody Manager is a module which is designed for dubbing, so you only can get access to it once you've opened AV Dubbing Panel (Click ‘Dubbing’ button on the Main Panel, Video Tab).

·       To open Parody Manager click on Nickvoice Settings button, move the highlighter to Parody Maker and click, then the panel of Parody Maker will come up.
·       Two principal requirements of this module are voice and a celebrity's voice.

·       To add your voice, click on Record button. 'Save As' dialog box will appear ,where you are to type the name and indicate the path for the sound file with your voice. As you do, click 'Save',- the recording will begin. Say something in the microphone and click 'Stop' button when you are ready. Your voice will be saved. You can listen to it, by clicking 'Play' button.

·       If you have your voice already recorded and saved in a file you can add it by clicking 'Add' button and indicating the path to this file there.

*      Also you can recorded your voice right on Parody Maker panel. Once your voice is saved, you need to add the voice of celebrity you want to imitate.

·       You will require an audio file with this celebrity’s voice. If you have it, - click 'Add' button in the top right corner of Parody Manager. An Import Voice dialog box will appear. You need to type the name and path to the file with the celebrity’s voice.

·       Or you can use Browse button and indicate the path in 'Open' dialog box. If you do everything correctly, the name of your file will appear in the 'Name' box of Parody Manager. Left mouse click on it to select it.

·       You can listen to it now by using 'Play' and 'Stop' buttons. Or you can remove it from this list - use 'Remove' button.

·       Now you may close this module and dub movies with the chosen celebrity’s voice. To do that choose the name of the celebrity’s voice in the ‘Nickvoices’ combo box on the dubbing panel.

·       You also can assign this celebrity’s voice to one of the nine nickvoice buttons on the dubbing panel.

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