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Extract audio from movie file/DVD disc

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Sometimes you want to extract audio soundtrack from your video files. You can easily do this with Video Morpher 2.0. Follow this tutorial and learn how to use Audio Capture feature in Video Morpher 2.0.


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- Open the Video Morpher; select Video module to load the movie from file.
Note: To load the movie from disc, switch to DVD module and skip the rest of this step.

- Right-click on the Playlist panel 8 select Open... 8 browse to your movie file and click Open.

- Click Play button to play the movie.
Note: the movie must be played first so that the Audio Capture button  is enabled.

- Click on the Audio Capture button .
- Within Save As menu, which appears after clicking on the Audio Capture button  :
* Select location to Save in.
*  Name the sound file and click Save.

The program is now recording soundtrack of the movie.

- As recording, the Audio Capture button will turn in red
- Click on the Audio Capture button again to finish the recording.

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