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Converting DVD to AVI Guide

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Converter is mainly designed to let you convert DVD movies into AVI format movies, so in this part we will work with DVD mode.


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First of all, click on DVD tab on the module bar to open this mode.



To open a file, click Open button on the Player bar.

Here a dialog box may come up asking to play the DVD from Beginning, Last Position or Do Nothing. Select from the two first options (set the proper radio button).

Once the DVD you want to convert is open we move to the next step.



To load currently open DVD movie into converter, just click on Converter button on the player bar. Or else you can click on Convert Tab on the module bar and there choose either Disk or File in the combo box to specify the location, and then click Open button. Dialog box will come up, where you will be able to indicate the path to the selected DVD file.

·       Close Media – to close currently open file in the converter and its settings (but AV Video Converter mode remains open).

·       Preview – allows you to preview the future converted file with all the effects and adjustments.

·       Convert – clicking on this button initiates converting process.

·       Stop – to stop converting before it stops automatically (by the 2nd marker).

·       And there are also two important tabs in this mode Input tab and Output tab. They require separate study.

First of all there is a small screen on this tab’s pane which allows you to preview how the future conversion will look like, where it will begin and end. On every side of the screen you will find a movable line, by which you can adjust the dimensions of the future AVI file.

Another way to change the dimensions is to fill proper fields: Up Corner and Down Corner.

On this pane you will also find Select Duration ruler with two markers on it. The 1st marker indicates the beginning of conversion, the 2nd – the end of conversion.

Besides there is Title, Subtitle and Audio Stream combo boxes which allow you to choose from the given options. For example, if selected DVD has several audio streams (languages), in the Audio stream combo box you can select a particular Stream (language) for you future AVI file.

And finally, there is Properties button. After clicking on it Properties dialog box will appear with all the details about the selected DVD.

·      First of all, there are two compressors’ combo boxes (1): Video Compressor and Audio Compressor. You can select one of the compressors from the drop down list. Read the information about it in the dialog box that appears after clicking on About button, or adjust its settings (Configure button).
Note: All the compressors are third party product; you need to have them installed on your PC before performing any operations in AV Video Converter

·      In the Output file field you can indicate the path and the folder where to save the converted file, otherwise you can use Browse button and indicate it in Save As dialog box (2).

·      In Width and Height fields (3) you can indicate the dimensions of the output file in pixels or percents (to choose between them use the appropriate combo boxes).

·      Resample method combo box (3) allows you to select from the available methods: Bilinear; Box; Gaussian and Hamming.

·     Proportions combo box (3) allows you to choose between different kinds of proportions (depending on what monitor you are going to see the converted file): Constrain; Custom; 4:3 and 16:9.

* When all the necessary settings are set you can start converting. To do it, just click on Convert button. The conversion will start automatically and you can preview it on your screen. Besides, the meter under the screen will indicate how much of the total conversion is done by the moment. You can also see the percentage by the meter’s side.
*While converting you can also observe the following data: Time from start; Played; Time Left; Playback left.
* Note : you can add any video or audio effect to the output file in a regular way (selecting it from Effect list panel).

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