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Cut and Trim Your Video Length

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You found an amazing and funny video to share all over the internet, but the problem is, it’s too long and you only need a part of it. What do you do?

The answer is simple, we can use AV Video Morpher to extract a part of your video and also convert to other video formats.

AV Video Morpher helps you convert video format, add effects to video, burn video to DVD, and most importantly, it can help you cut out the desired area/ and the part of the original video, and many other features.

*Supported Video formats: AVI, FLV, WMV, QT, MOV, MPG, MPEG, RM, RAM, ASF, DAT, DVR-MS.

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- Launch AV Video Morpher

- Select Converter tab (1)

- Remember to choose File (2) from the dropdown list (as it also has the option for Disk. In this case, you will edit and convert a File)

- Select Open (3) and choose your file.

Choose Input tab (4) to adjust settings:

- Select Area to Process (5): this is where you choose which area of the video you want to cut out. By default, the software will select the whole area of the original video.

- Select Duration (6): choose the part you want to cut out.

Video Converting Settings

After finish adjusting the settings, select Output tab (1)

- Select Output Format, Video Compressor and Audio Compressor (2)

* Output video format options: AVI, WAV, WMV.

* If you are not sure what to choose with Video/Audio Compressor, leave them at default.

* You can also select the two Configure… buttons to adjust more about Video and Audio quality.

- Click on Browse (3) and select output destination for your video.

- Select Output Size (4): choose the Width and Height you want.

* If you are not sure about Resample Method and Proportions, leave it at default.

Output Format Settings

Have fun and enjoy.