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How to create a speech just like the President's

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Independence Day is the best time to deliver your personal speech. If you just love the President's speeches, we can say that to create a speech like his is totally possible.

Take a look at this tutorial; we gonna share the way how to use Music Morpher Gold to create such strong and lively speech.

*This tutorial can also be applicable for making voice-over in your presentation.

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There are 2 main sources that you can access to find a speech content:

- Create your own speech.

- Seek speeches that available on the Internet or in newspapers and books

Record the speech:

- Learn how to speak in Barack Obama's voice with VCS, or VCSG, or VCSD

- Click here to learn how to record your voice

- Open MMG by clicking on it shortcuts or go to Start menu >> All Program >> AV Music Morpher Gold >> AV Music Morpher Gold.

- Switch to Editor tab (1)

- Choose New Multitrack Session (2)

Note: As soon as you click on the New Multiple Track session button, a popup named Multiple Session Sample Rate will appear and ask you to select the sample rate for your project. Just leave it as default 44100 (3) if you are not sure what setting to choose.

Multitrack Session

- On each track line, right – click >> Add New Clip From File … or double click to insert your audio speech.

- Do the same to insert sound effects to make the speech more interesting.

» Download ready-to-use sound effects here.

- You can also reserve the last track for the background music.

- Hold down the right mouse button on each track to move it along the timeline.

Add clip

» Check out our result.

Good luck!