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Music Morpher Gold - How to Change or Convert Human Voice into the Optimus Prime Robot voice

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Optimus Prime is a fictional character from the Transformers franchise. Prime is the leader of the autobots, a faction of transforming robots from the planet Cybertron. The autobots are constantly waging war against a rival faction of transforming robots called Decepticons. He is depicted as a brave, powerful, wise and compassionate leader who puts his talent to use improving the universe around him. Optimus is portrayed as having a strong sense of justice and righteousness and has dedicated himself to the protection of all life, particularly the inhabitants of Earth. According to Bob Budiansky, co-writer of the transformers series, Dennis O'Neil was responsible for his name

This tutorial is going to show you how to change or convert any human voice into the a non-human voice - An Optimus Prime (Transformers) voice with AV Music Morpher Gold 5.0. Within this page, you will learn how to make Micheal Douglas speak in the Optimus way.

Preview sample

  • Click here to see how the Optimus sound like.
  • Click here to listen to Michael Douglas original voice sample .
  • Click here to listen to how Michael Douglas would sound like after effects.

Click on the steps below to startExpand all | Collapse all

  • Start the Music Morpher Gold program and switch to the Morpher module
  • Within the Play List pane, click on the Open File button to browse and to load the Michael Douglas voice into the Morpher's playlist.

Modify and preview the setting

•    Select the clip and click on the Play (1) button on the Player panel to listen the voice.
•    Within the Voice Morpher (2) click on the On/off button (3) to enable the Voice Morpher
•    From now on, you can slowly and slightly move adjust the Pitch and Timbre to the left or to the right to archive the Optimus voice. For me, 82% in Pitch and 80% in Timbre is nice already. So, I mark it down.

  • In this tutorial, we'd recommend you to try the Equalizer Presets for a little more enhancing the output result. Besides that, you can always try more with the built-in Effects Library (4) comes with Music Morpher Gold 5.x.
  • For more special voice you add more effects Bass Overdrive , Double Power, Neighbor's Apartment in Single Effects Tab

  • And effect Wah-Wah Filter in Advanced Effects Tab

  • For more setting double click in Wah-Wah Filter

Save output file

-   As soon as you reach your desired result, you can start the converting by clicking on the Morph Selected Files button on the Morpher Menu.
-   Within this step in Music Morpher Gold 5.0, you are able to save the output result in various types and formats like .ogg, .mp3, .wav, .flac, .ape, etc.