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AV Music Morpher Gold - Create beautiful audio message for your special women on International Women’s Day

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International Women's Day (IWD), originally is called International Working Women’s Day, is marked on March 8 every year. In different regions the focus of the celebrations ranges from general celebration of respect, appreciation and love towards women to a celebration for women's economic, political and social achievements.

With the upcoming Women’s Day, we head to express our appreciation to the women in our lives, those who have the biggest but quietest influence. This tutorial will help you on creating a special audio message to surprise the ones you love with Music Morpher Gold (MMG).

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There’re too many ways to find some idea for your audio record:

- Seek inspirational messages on the Internet;

- Or recall some beautiful quotes from books that you read;

- Or even create your own wishes for the women in your life

- …

Personally, Internet is an abundant source of beautiful quotes. For your reference, click here.

- Open MMG by clicking on it shortcuts or go to Start menu >> All Program >> AV Music Morpher Gold >> AV Music Morpher Gold

- Read out loud the message you prepared in step 1 and record your voice with Music Morpher Gold

- Repeat recording again till you get the most satisfactory result.


  • Your voice should be clear and loud enough.
  • You should start to speak right after hitting the Record button.
  • Try to speak in your most expressive voice for the best emotional audio.
  • To make your recording sound more interesting, try changing your voice to another one using Voice Changer Software or even Music Morpher Gold

- Switch to Editor tab (1)

- Choose New Multitrack Session (2)

Note: As soon as you click on the New Multiple Track session button, a popup named Multiple Session Sample Rate will appear and ask you to select the sample rate for your project. Just leave it as default 44100 (3) if you are not sure what setting to choose.

Fig 01: MMG - Editor tab - Open New Multitrack Session

- On the first track line, right – click >> Add New Clip From File … or double click to insert the recording file.

- On the second track line, insert your favorite melody to make it the background music.

Fig 02: MMG - Insert track

- To decrease the volume the background music, right-click on the second track >> Track Properties. Then drag the Volume Slider to adjust the background’s volume

Fig 03: Adjust the volume


  • Hold down the right mouse button on each track to move it along the time line.
  • To edit a single track, double click that track.
  • To finish editing a track, click Close (*)
  • Wisely pick up effects from the left panel Effects Library to make your message more fascinating.

Fig 04: Edit single track

- After your editing is perfectly done, choose menu File >> Save As. Type in File name (4), select file format (5) then click Save (6)

Fig 05: MMG - Save File

Now, the audio message is ready to represent the expression of your love, gratitude and appreciation to the women in your life.

Here is our samples: