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How to export and share your home-made nickfaces

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This tutorial will not go through again the steps on how to make a new nickface by your own but will guide you the way to export your nickfaces and share them worldwide.

» Notes:

To learn how to create a nickface click here.


» About Nickface Maker:

This is an independent module, apart from the WebCam Morpher program, and is included in AV Webcam Morpher Pro 2.0. The module helps users create their own nickface, customize the action list for the nickface, and compile the whole project into a separate file for storage and sharing purposes. With Nickface Maker, you now can turn your imagination into reality, and let people know about your results.

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In Nickface Maker module, at the end of the new nickface making process, when you have saved your nickface project probably, you will have two ways to make use of the new nickface.

* Import the new nickface directly to WCM’s nickface library for later use. To do this, go to File » Export to AV WebCam Morpher menu command (1). The nickface will be added to WCM's nickface list pane, and will always be available for use after that.
* Export the new nickface into a .exe file To do this, go to File » Export Nickface Installer menu command (2) or click the Create installation file for nickface button (3). The project will be compiled into a .exe file. By this, you can install the nickface into the AV WebCam Morpher program on any other PC.

iMAGE - wcm-tut12-01.jpg

Fig 1- Choose the way you want to make use of your newly made nickface

The easiest way to share your ‘creative product’ with the world is to upload it on a file hosting website, and let people know the location of your file by giving them the URL (provided by your file hoster).

There are many free file hosting services available on the Internet nowadays, we would like to recommend you to try MediaFire though. It’s one of the best FREE file and image hosting website we’ve come to know. Even though it’s free, it has very few limitations over users without an account compared to many other file hosters, provides users with unlimited storage, and allows users to upload files up to 100MB each. For more information about Media file, click here.

To use the service, first, go to Mediafire. From its main page, click on the Upload Files to Mediafire button.

iMAGE - wcm-tut12-02.jpg

Fig 2 -   MediaFire main page

- The next page shows 3 options. Option one “I’ll create a free account now” is recommended. It will give you the authorization over your uploaded files, and help you manage all your files.

Image - wcm-tut12-03.jpg

Fig 3 -  Choose option one - create your own MediaFire account

- The simple registration form will come up, you only need to give 3 information: your email (1), your password (2) and confirm password (3), then click the Create a Free Account button (4) to finish.

Image -wcm-tut12-04.jpg

Fig 4 - Fill in information to register an account for yourself

- Once the registration gone through, you will be redirected to the upload page.

Now, click on the Upload File to Mediafire button to upload, the Select file(s) to upload by dialog box shows up, choose your file(s) and click Open.

Image - wcm-tut12-05.jpg

Fig 5 -   Start uploading files with your new account

- Click Start Upload to (4) upload one file or click Add more files (1) if you have more files to upload.

Image - wcm-tut12-06.jpg

Fig 6 -   Run the upload process

- Wait until the uploading process is finished; now click the Share (5) button.

Image - wcm-tut12-07.jpg

Fig 7 -   Click Share to know the URL link of your newly uploaded file

- To share the file, you will use the link in the Sharing URL with Filename textbox.

In the Share this file dialog, click Copy link (6) to keep the link in your computer clipboard.

Image - wcm-tut12-08.jpg

Fig 8 -   Copy the URL link into clipboard

Once you have the nickface uploaded, you can share with other friends by publishing the link of those file on a community, or a forum. We expect you will also think about sharing it with other users of AV WebCam Morpher, this also helps you get new nickfaces from them. We have made a place for this purpose in our Make4Fun forum, you are always welcome here. To start a new post in the box, follow the steps below:

- Login your Make4Fun account, go straight to the Webcam Gallery box by clicking here.

- In this page, click on the New Topic button to create a new topic.

Image - wcm-tut12-09.jpg

Fig 9 -  Create a new topic in Make4Fun forum

- In the new topic page, enter the topic title into textbox   (1), give a short description about the topic at   (2), and simply paste your link in the content pane   (3) between the [code] & [/code] tags.

You should also give some short description about your nickface, like the name, your inspiration, etc. so that other users will have a key to find your file later.

- When you have done your writing, click the Post new topic (4) button to finish.

- Your post will be available in the forum right away.

Good luck and thank you for sharing!

Image - wcm-tut12-10.jpg

Fig 10 -  Paste the URL link of your file in the content pane, and post the topic

Image - wcm-tut12-11.jpg

Fig 11 - Click on Edit button if you want to edit your topic