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Record a webcam session

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The built-in Recorder of AV Webcam Morpher is able to record not only video but also audio. Especially, the duplex recording function enables you to capture also your chat friend's voice from the other end of the line.


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Click Webcam Source and select AV Webcam Capture. This way, you point out that the Video Source of WCM Recorder is the current nickface of WCM.

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Go to My webcam window in your Yahoo! video chat, click File and select Preferences


The Preferences dialog box comes up. Click the Camera Source (1) button and choose AV Webcam Capture (2), click OK.

If you want to record your real face, select your webcam, e.g. Logitech QuickCam Express instead of AV Webcam Capture.


Click the Recorder button (1) on WCM main panel to open the Recorder (2).

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Click the Settings menu (3) to open the Recorder settings dialog box.

The first tab, Base folder, template (4) allows you to define where to store your movie.

You can click on the Browse button (5) and point to any location on your PC that you want the the file saved in.

By default, the files will be saved in your Windows account's My Documents folder.

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Click the Encoders Tab (6).

Click (7) to choose the video codec. Intel IYUV codec is strongly recommended for the best video quality and smallest file size.

Check Record audio stream in order to record both video and audio streams. Click (9) to select the audio codec. PCM codec may best serve your audio recording.

Click Apply to apply your settings and close the dialog box.

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Click the Record button to start the recording process. Click Pause and Stop to pause and stop your recording.

To view a finished record file, click Play. The movie will be viewed in the most suitable player.

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You can set WCM to automatically record a video by using the Autostart function.

On the Recorder Settings dialog box, click the Autostart tab (11). Check the option Turn autostart recording (12) and choose Autostart for custom applications (13) option.

Click Add (14) to add the application you need to autostart recording into the Autostart list.

You can temporarily turn off the Autostart recording mode on a program by unchecking the checkbox stands before the program name in the list (15) or permanently remove the program off the list by clicking Remove (14).

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*   You can change the webcam size and resolution, or change the sound frequency to increase the quality of your movie or reduce it's size.
* To have the original video recording file while you are still applying audio / video effects and voice changing while chatting in real-time, use the record non-morphed stream option on the Settings dialog box of AV Webcam Morpher.