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Choose a nickface and nickvoice

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Hide Your Face - Show Your Feeling: Just one minute to become a professional user.


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(1) Nickface Panel: list all the ready-to-use nickfaces

(2) Nickface preview button: Turn on/off the preview screen of nickface

(3) Nickvoices button: Choose a nickvoice

(4) Video Source & Audio Source: Set up the source of video and sound

(5) Preview screen: show the web video of your nickface and nickface's behaviors

Image - wcm02-01.gif

>>  Click  (1) to choose the Video Source: choose AV Webcam Capture to use AV Webcam Morpher.

>> Click the check box before a nickface to choose it , for example (2). In a few seconds the nickface will appear on  Preview screen (4).

If the nickface doesn't come up, click Preview (3) and wait for a few seconds.

Image - wcm02-02.gif

Click Nickvoice button (1) and a menu will drop down. Choose a nickvoice you want (2).
There will be a black mark before the current nickvoice in use (3).

Image - wcm02-03.gif

Image - wcm02-04.gifImage - wcm02-05.gif

Click the Action List button (1) to open the nickface action panel.

This panel will float over all other windows. For more convenience, click (2) to minimize Webcam Morpher and fully enjoy your fun in video chat.

Click on an emoticon to choose the desired action and show your feeling.