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Webcam Morpher - Installation guide

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Whenever you want to try or to use a piece of software, installation should always be the first step to do. Successfully installing the program at the first time will enhance your happiness and your interest in the software. This installation guide is provided to ease all the stress and bring joy to you.

This tutorial is a complete Guide helps you to get through the installation of AV Webcam Morpher.

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Click here to troubleshoot the download.

Note: Trial user can download installation file on our homepage or some other trusted pages.

Go to destination folder of the downloaded file >> Double-click on it or Right-click then Open to run the installation file.

Click open to run the installation file

Click run button

Welcome Screen and initial warning >> Click Next.

Click next on welcome screen

Readme File >> Click Next.

Click next on read file


You can find your Protection Number (*) when scrolling to the end of the file.

(*)About Protection Number:

Protection Number is a security number unique on each computer. Once you have bought a license of any our products, Protection Number is combined with your registered name and email address to generate a key for you to install the Full Version. Therefore, the license key can't be applied on second computer due to our Privacy Policy.

In case you would like to transfer the software to another computer, please reach us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to request license resetting.

Customers are also encouraged to purchase multi-license to install the software on more than one computer. Contact us for special offer.

Protection bumber in readme file

License Agreement >> Choose Accepted to affirm that you have read and agree to our terms >> Click Next.

Click next on license

Destination Location >> Click Next if you want to leave it as default.

Otherwise, choose Browse… (1) then locate the folder you wish to store installed data >> Click Next.

Destination location

Select Program Manager Group >> Choose the group that you want to add Webcam Morpher icon to from the available list or name new group in the blank (2) >> Select who can use the software (3) >> Click Next.

Click Next on select program manager group

Start Installation >> Click Next to begin.

Click next to start installation

Wait while the installation is in the progress.

Wait while the installation is in the progress

Now, Webcam Morpher has been successfully installed on your computer.

Check in the check box if you want create shortcut(s) on Desktop or on Quick Launch bar >> Click Finish.

Click finish to complete installation

The Driver Installing message will be shown right after that, click OK to continue installing VAD.

Click ok to installing vad

- The Driver Installing command window of MSDOS appears.

» What is MSDOS?
MS-DOS (short for Microsoft Disk Operating System) is a command prompt interface that allows you to execute programs. MSDOS was originally developed by Microsoft in the 1980s. In today PCs, it runs as the underlying operating system, finds applications for boot disk or similar purposes.
More information can be found here.

Driver installing

Another popup called Windows Security shows up, click Install to continue.

Click install to continue

- After some seconds, the Driver Installing window of MSDOS will automatically closed, your installation is finished, Webcam Morpher is ready for use.

- Note: If this is not your 1st time of installing AV Webcam Morpher, the above Windows Security popup will not show up. But, the installation should go though properly.

Run Webcam Morpher, the Start-up pop-up will come out.

Start up pop-up

For Free version:

After click on Free version, a pop-up will appear to ask for Activation Code. Follow the instructions to activate the program for FREE.

Activate for free version

Follow the "Click here" link to get the free activation code from website.

Paste the activation code into the box and hit the Submit button.

Setup is completed. You can now enjoy AV Webcam Morpher.

Setup complete

For Pro version:

After click on Pro version, Activate Pro version form comes up, fill in with your license information (*) >> Click Activate.

(*) Click here to learn how to access your license information.

Activate pro version

Setup is completed. The application will restart automatically before you can get it into use.

Setup is completed


If you are a newbie, our first steps on using AV Webcam Morpher may help » Click here.