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Change your voice

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You can make thousands of nickvoices by combining many effects. This tutorial will guide you how to create a nickvoice with the Morpher effects.


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Click Advanced (1) to open the Advanced Panel. Click on Audio Effects (2) and then Morpher (2) to enlist all effects in the Morpher subfolder.

Image - wcm3-1.gif

Scroll the effects list down and double click on Voice Morpher to start changing your voice. The effect name is now listed in the Effects to apply box.

You can hear how your voice changes while adjusting each parameter.

Click OK when you are pleased with the result.

Image - wcm3-3.gif

Click Save and specify where to save the settings. Now you have a ready-to-use nickvoice of your own. Whenever you would like to use it again, click  Load.

Image - wcm3-4.gif

Note: You may combine many other effects such as 2 Order Equalizer, Frequency Morpher, Robot Voice, etc. to create more unique nickvoices.

Image - wcm3-5.gif