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Using Audio & Video Effects

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Apply Audio and Video Effects: Let your imagination soar with the profuse real-time effect library.


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Click the Advanced button (1) to open the Advanced Panel.
Choose tab Effects.
Box (2) contains the effect library, and box (3) contains the applied effect layout.

Image - tut06-01.gif

Double click on the effect you wish to apply (2), and it will appear in the Effects to apply box (2)

Our effects can let you change their settings to achieve the desired result. Click on the effect you want to adjust. click Preset (3) to apply our preset, or click Settings (3) to manually adjust it in your own taste.

If don't want to use an effect, press On/Off (3) to temporarily disable it or Remove to move it out of the layout. To remove all the applied effects, click Reset (3).

Image - tut06-02.gif

If you would like to apply the same effects again in the future, click (4) to save the effect layout in your computer for later use.
When necessary, click (5) to load these effects again.

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