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Export customized Nickvoice into a file

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In just one click, Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 (VCSD9.5) can change your voice to any voice, regardless of gender or age with the ready-to-use voice presets called “Nickvoice”, inspired by the word “nickname”. But did you know, you can also create your own unique Nickvoices using the Voice Morpher feature, and save your personal settings for later use.

This 2-step tutorial will demonstrate how easy it is to export a customized Nickvoice into a file:

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There are three main components to modify your voice using Voice Morpher feature:
- Pitch and Timbre graph: With the new 2-dimensional graph design, it allows you to have better control over the two fundamental voice attributes Pitch and Timbre. Drag the pointer to alter your voice’s gender and age.

- Voice Effects: Handy panel on the right side is helpful to manage the activating effects. A library of more than 80+ Voice Effects and 70+ Background Effects to choose from..

- Voice Beautifying: Enhance natural quality of the morphed voice.

Customized Nickvoice

The complete tutorial for Voice Morpher can be found here.

» To explore free-to-download and regularly updated Nickvoice packs, visit our Add-on page.

After satisfied with all of the settings, you can save them into a file for later use.

- Click Save (1) to bring up Save as dialog box.

- Choose location(2) and File name (3) for your Nickvoice

- Click Save. Your nickvoice will be saved under *.nvc file format.

Export nickvoice into a file

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» Click here for how to load your saved Nickvoice presets.