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Talk like a Pirate with VCSD9.5

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Avast, me hearties. If ye think it's a pirate's life for ye, ye better be learnin' t' be talkin' like a buccaneer before settin' sail.

Find out the secret booty from this tutorial and yer voice will sound croaky; the winds are by your side, and all can be recorded, shared, and enjoyed by all yer shipmates. ‘tis "Pirattitude" Ahoy!

- Requirement:

Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 (VCSD9) ready on your computer

- Sample voices:

  • Real pirate’s voice:

  • Normal male voice:

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On VCSD9’s main panel:

- Remember to turn ON Voice Morpher (1)

- Now, adjust the Pitch and Timbre to change your voice. One specific voice will fit with different settings. In my opinion, you can try by starting with Pitch 58% (2) and Timbre 184% (3).

Adjust Pitch and Timbre

- Next, click on Advanced (4).

- When Advanced window appears, choose Fine Tune tab (5)

- Set Timbre’s Fine Tune to 80% (6) and click OK (7) to close the window.

Adjust Fine Tune

► Enhance with Equalizer:

- Click on Make-ups (1), then choose Custom (2)

Open Custom Equalizer

- When Equalizer window appears, click on Presets (3) and choose Superbass (4)

Choose Preset

► Enhance with Vowel Enhancer:

- Click Advanced (5)

- In Advanced window, choose Vowel Enhancer tab (6).

- Now, adjust only Formant 1 (7). It will affect the low formant of your voice, which makes it more gravelly.

- And then, click OK (8) to close the window.

Adjust Formant

► Enhance with Voice Beautifying:

- Make changes to LoStretch (9) and LoShift (10) sliders. That will allow you to stretch the speed of your voice, and shift up certain parts of the voice.

Adjust Voice Beautifying

- On VCSD9’s main panel, click on Save (1)

- Choose the location, file name and then save your Nickvoice.

- If you want to use that Nickvoice again, just click on Load (2) and choose the file.

And now, X marks the spot. Grab yer fine grog and conquer the Seven Seas.

Save Nickvoice

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