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Change your voice in VOIPCONNECT

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VoipConnect is a software that provides voice over IP communications. You can make FREE VoIP calls over the internet to your online friends as well as various popular destinations.

In this tutorial you will learn how to change your voice while using VoipConnect with AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 (VCSD9)

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- On main panel, choose Preferences menu to open VCS Preferences window.

In VCS Preferences window:

- Choose Virtual driver Mode radio button (1)

VCS Preferences

- Click OK (2) to apply new settings and close the Preferences window.

- Run VoipConnect.

- Choose Tools menu >> select Options to open VoipConnect Options dialog box.

VoipConnect main

In VoipConnect Options dialog box:

- Choose Sound Devices tab (1)

- In Sound device section. Change it to Microphone (Avsoft Virtual Audio Device) (2).

VoipConnect Options

- Click OK (3) to apply settings and close the VoipConnect Options dialog box.

- Go to VCSD9.5 main panel, choose the morphing effects and make adjustments until you are satisfied with the vocal output. There are several ways to change your voice, including voice morphing and audio effects.

- You should read this guide for more in-depth information: How to use Voice Morpher in VCSD9.5 .

- Remember to check out our Add-on store to download new and cool audio effect packs, updated regularly.

Note: Remember to choose the packs used for VCSD9.5 only. The other ones which applied for other products cannot be used for VCSD9.5.

And now, you can start talking on VoipConnect with your “new voice”.

Note: While VCS Virtual Audio Driver is being set as the audio driver for VoipConnect , do NOT turn off VCSD9 while using voice chat with VoipConnect . If you don't want to use VCSD9.5, change the audio settings of VoipConnect back to normal audio source.