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Apply Background Effects in VCSD8.0

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This tutorial will guide you the way to Apply Background Effects in AV Voice Changer Software 8.0 (Diamond).


Double click on the file you have just downloaded to install it on your computer. The new background group will be added into VCSD background effect tree.


- You must have VCS Diamond Full version in your computer to use the package.

- Close VCS Diamond before installation.

Step to take

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Click Background effects icon (1) to open Backgrounds effects dialog box of click Preferences menu.

Open Backgrounds effects

Turn On/Off button (2) to activate background effects feature.

Go to step 4 if you want to use an effect from VCS's built-in library or the Xmas background effects you have just installed above.

If you want to add your own background effects, follow the next two steps.

Turn on BG Effects

Click the Create Group button (3) to add a new group.

The Create a new group dialog box appears, type the group name into the Title textbox(4), then click OK to finish and close this dialog box.

The new group will be listed at the end of the Background Effect tree(5).

Tip: To delete a group from the effect tree, right click on it and choose Delete.

Create a new group

Click the Add Effects button (6) to add a new effect. The Add a new Background Effect dialog box appears:

Select from the Group dropdown list (7) the group you want to place the new effect in.

Type the name of the new effect into the Description field (8).

Specify the audio file that will be added as the new background effect using the Browse button (9).

Click OK to finish and close the dialog box.

Import your background effects

To choose an effect in a group, expand the group by double clicking the group name, then check the check box of the effect name (11). The background effect will be applied right away.

Apply a background effect

Tip: You can change the volume of the background effect by adjusting the Volume slider (12).