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Unsophisticated song remix with VCSD 8.0

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Windows Media Player is a free media player used for playing audio, video and viewing images on personal computers. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the way to set up Voice Changer Software Diamond 8.0 (VCSD) to automatically morph the voice and record of the song with Windows Media Player.

You can create a new song with special effects for your own. Let learn how to remix a song with VCSD 8.0

Step to take

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Because VCSD automatically captures the audio stream from Windows Media Player, using this player request you less steps to take.


- Set WMPlayer to play the song in Repeat mode if you think that the remixing process will take more time than the song’s time length.

- Minimize WMPlayer to save your desktop view for VCSD.

Play the song with Window Media Player

- Turn On/OFF button (1) of the Voice Morpher module

- Use the Pitch and Timbre graph to enhance the voice as your desire. Make a little bit change each time to get the best output voice.

Morph the voice of the song

- Equalizer is used to correct, or to make equal, the frequency response of a signal. It will change the level of frequency ranges in your song, and make the song new in a very simple way of adjustment.

- Look at bottom of main form for Equalizer.

+ Manually move the slider of any of the ten bands to make enhancement on the depth and strength of your audio file as your desire.

- or –

+ Click the Preset button and choose one of the eight presets, then make adjustment upon the preset. The third group in the Preset menu is dedicated for music modulations.

Change Equalizer settings

- This is the most funny and fascinating period of the remixing process. Effects will bring a new breath into your song, and enrich the song color.

- Choose one or several effects in VCSD Effect’s library, or load your own effects to apply to the song. The built-in effects of VCSD may turn your songs into totally different songs.

- Add Background effects if you wish.


You can ‘crash’ the song with Bad Record effect of Tremolo,

- or -

create a theater effect with the Four at The Beginning effect in Chorus,

- or -

give the song an applaud using Background Effects, etc.

- Click Background Effects icon (1) or Preferences on menu bar to open Preferences window. Turn On button (4)  to add effects.

Select BG Effects and Voice Effects

Add Background effects

- Click on Voice Effects icon (2) or move to Voice Effects module on Preferences form. Turn On button (3) to add effects.

Add Voice effects