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How to use Webcam Morpher in Digsby?

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The biggest advantage of WebCam Morpher (WCM) Pro version is that it works with any nickfaces while the free version recognizes only two nickfaces at a time. This feature makes WCM Pro version the most appropriate tool for humorous users who want to play different roles for funny video chat. From our nickface download page users can freely download several nickfaces.

In this tutorial, we demonstrate how to use Webcam Morpher 2.0 with Digsby. One combined buddy list for all your AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber, and Facebook Chat Accounts.


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Start Webcam Morpher, and choose a nickface from the Nickfaces list.

Note: From our nickface download page users can freely download several nickfaces.

- Log on to Digsby.

- In a message window, click the Video button.

Image - wcm-tut15-01.png

Fig. 1 - Click the Video button on the messaging window of Digsby

- The Audio/Video Call dialog box will open. Digsby will automatically recognize and broadcast your webcam video images.

Image - wcm-tut15-02.png

Fig. 2 - Your webcam video images will be broadcast automatically

Tips: If the video doesn’t show, and the screen you see is like like below, it might either because:

1. Your camera has not been recognized: Click the Reset Camera button to let it reset. Digsby will then run the device checking process again.

2. The video settings might not be set up probably: Go to step 3


Fig. 3 - Click the Reset Camera to device checking again

- Choose the Settings button.

Image - wcm-tut15-04.png

Fig. 4 - Choose the Settings button to open the Settings dialog box of Digsby

- In the Select a Camera box, choose AV Webcam Capture, click Next.

Image - wcm-tut15-05.png

Fig. 5 - Choose AV WebCame Capture in the Camera setting box

- In the Select a Microphone box, click Next.

Image - wcm-tut15-06.png

Fig. 6 - Choose Next in the Microphone box

- In the Test the Sound box, click Next.

Image - wcm-tut15-07.png

Fig. 7 - Choose Next in Test the Sound box

- In the Save Settings box, click Close.

Image - wcm-tut15-08.png

Fig. 8 - Choose Close in Save Settings box

The setting process is now done. You will have your webcam image broadcasted at this point. (as in Fig. 2)

Tip: If this step doesn’t help either, please check your camera device again.