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How to add an application into the Ignore Filter list

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Voice Changer Software 8.0 (VCSD8) Diamond is the latest edition in the Voice Changer Software series and is designed to capture and modify any vocal input from virtually any source and then manipulate that input to create a wide variety of effects in order to create a unique vocal output.

However, VCSD8 sometimes affects your other applications. This tutorial will show you how to solve that by using Ignore Filter.

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-    Run VCSD8 >> Click the Preference button (1) on the main panel >> Switch to Ignore Filter tab (2).

Fig 1: Open the Ignore Filter tab

-    In the Ignore Filter tab, check the Enable ignore filter check box (2) to activate the Ignore Filter.

-    Click to choose Applications (3).

Fig 2: Activate the Ignore Filter

-    Click Add button (1) >> Click on application in popup menu which shows a list of applications running in your computer with VCSD8 to add it into the Ignore list.

-    If you want to add a program which is not listed, click Browse (2) >> Choose application >> Click on Open button (3).

-    Repeat the above action until all the programs that should be ignored have been added into the list.

-    Click OK button (4).

Fig  3: Choose the application(s) to be Ignored

Note: Audio streams from Windows Media Player (WMP) will be morphed automatically by VCSD8. So if you want VCSD to work with the other programs, you should add WMP to the Ignore list.

-          If you want to remove all applications what you have added into Ignore Filter list, click on Reset button (4) >> Choose Yes (5) to confirm.

Fig 4: Remove Ignore Filter list