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Change voice in Roger Wilco

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Roger Wilco is a voice chat application that allows you and your friends to talk to each other while playing multiplayer online games. It works with most existing games such as Quake III, Half-Life, and Diablo II.

This tutorial will guide you through the way to use Voice Changer Software Diamond 8.0 (VCSD8) for changing your voice in Roger Wilco.

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On VCSD8 main panel, click Preferences to open VCS Settings window.

In Preferences tab, switch from Hook mode to Virtual Audio Driver mode:

- Check on Virtual driver Mode (1).

Preferences dialog box
- Click OK (2) to apply the new setting and close VCS Settings window.

Open VCSD8, choose morphing effects and make adjustments for your voice until you achieve desired voice output.

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- Run Roger Wilco, and log in your account.

- Choose the Adjust tab » Click on Configuration button.

Choose Configuration  button

- Click Next until you reach the Configure Roger Wilco screen.

- In Recorder Device section, choose Microphone (Avnex Virtual Audio Device).

Change audio settings in Roger Wilco

- Click Next then click Finish to finish the configuration.

From now on, VCS Virtual Audio Driver will be the main audio driver recognized by Roger Wilco.

You now can do voice call with Roger Wilco. The morphing settings for your voice will be applied automatically.

Note: While VCS Virtual Audio Driver is being set as the audio driver for Roger Wilco, do NOT turn off VCSD8 when doing voice call via Roger Wilco. If you don’t want to use VCSD8, change the audio settings of Roger Wilco back to normal audio source.