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Make the Orcs voice in World of Warcraft game with VCSD8.0

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An Orc (pronounced /ˈɔrk/) is one of a race of mythical human-like creatures, generally described as fierce and combative, with grotesque features and often black, grey or greenish skin. This mythology has its origins in the writings of J. R. R. Tolkien.

These creatures have since become popular figures in other fantasy and science fiction literature as well as many types of fantasy games. While some writers portray Orcs as large, misshapen humanoids who are brutal and warmongering, others works, such as those in the Warcraft universe, describe them as a proud warrior race with a strong sense of honor. They are variously portrayed as physically stronger or weaker than humans, but always high in numbers.

In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to speak like Orcs (in World of Warcraft) with Voice Morpher feature and Advanced Voice effects of AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 8.0 (VCSD).

Step to take

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- On the Main panel, turn On the Voice Morpher (1) module or click Voice Morpher icon (2).

- Move the cursor (3) on the Pitch-Timbre graph (also called the Morpher graph) to change the voice.

- Set Pitch 50% and Timbre 50% will make your voice sound like Orc most.

Voice Morpher module

In the next step, you will learn on how to take advantage of some other powerful voice effects in Voice Changer Software Diamond - Vowel Enhancer and the Equalizer.

In Equalizer module.

- To adjust equalizer value same as Equalizer module at the right-bottom of main panel is recommended.

Adjust equalizer value

- Click Preferences on Menu bar or choose Vowel Enhancer icon to call up VCS Settings window.

Adjust Vowel Enhancer value

- Turn ON Vowel Enhancer(1) and make some adjustments on the slides (2) following the below image.

- For instant use, you can download the Orc’s voice preset from here.

- To learn how to use the preset of voice changer software, click here.