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How to change voice with AV VoizGame

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AV VoizGame is a voice changer software specialized for gamers. It changes your voice to any desired voice outputs to match your game character, regardless of gender or age; and thus, make the game more vivid and thriller.

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- Run AV VoizGame

- Make sure Power button (1) is on.

- Turn on (2) Voice Morpher graph (or also called as Pitch-Timbre graph)

- Move the cursor (3) on the graph to change your voice.


  • Move the cursor toward the right side to have a more feminine voice or toward the left side for a more masculine voice.
  • Move the cursor up to have a younger voice or down to have an older voice.

- To enhance the quality of the changed voice, use Advanced Tune (4). Move this cursor gradually to keep up with the adjustment. Move the Advanced Tune to the left in case your morphed voice becomes unrealistic.

AV VoizGame - Voice Morpher

- Expand Advanced panel (5).

- Choose Equalizer tab (6), turn the tab on (7), adjust the sliders (8) to manually change the equalizer bands or choose a ready-to-use equalizer preset in Preset list (9).

AV VoizGame - Equalizer

- Next, we will add some background sound for your voice.

- Choose Background Effects tab (10), turn the tab on (11), then on the effect tree on the left, choose the effect you want to use, it will be listed in Selected effect on the right (12)

AV VoizGame - Background Effects