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Mother’s Day - Make A Music Gift For Your Mom

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This tutorial is going to instruct you how to make a meaningful and treasured music gift for your mom using AV Music Morpher 4.0. Just follow the steps below to create an unforgettable gift.


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- Turn on your microphone and be sure it's working fine. Open AV Music Morpher and click the Record button Image - free-tutorials-project40_01.PNG on the Player Panel. The Record dialog will come up.

- On the Record dialog:

Image - free-tutorials-project40_02.png

Press the  Record button (1), speak to the microphone and start recording your voice. Press this button again when you want to stop the process. Use the Play and Stop buttons (2) to play back your recording. If you are satisfied with the result, click Save (3).

Image - free-tutorials-project40_03.png

The Save As dialog will appear, choose a desired file name and audio format.

If you are not satisfied with the result, record again.

Image - free-tutorials-project40_04.png

Note: Use a quiet tight room so that extra noise cannot interfere in your recording


  • Choose the module Editor (1) in the menu of modules on the Player Panel to activate AV Wave Editor.


  • On the menu of module Editor, choose New Multi-track Session (2).


  • The Multi-track Session Sample Rate dialog will come up. Choose the proper rate, then click OK.

Image - free-tutorials-project40_05.png

  • Right click to add your recording to Track 1.

Image - free-tutorials-project40_06.png

  • In the next track, right click to add your favorite song to Track 2.


- Hold the right mouse button to move the tracks to the left or right.

- The figure below is just an example.

- The tracks can be  combined in many ways

- The combining tracks depends on the positions of each track.

Image - free-tutorials-project40_06.png


  • In the Effect Library on the right of the window, expand Voice Morphing, choose Independently of Channels Quantity and then choose Voice Morpher .

The Voice Morpher dialog will come up.

Image - free-tutorials-project40_08.png

  • In the Voice Morpher dialog, move the Pitch slider (1), the Timbre slider (2) and the Advanced Tune slider (3) to adjust until you feel pleased with the result.

It is recommended that you increase the Pitch slider to 130%, decrease the Timbre slider to 70%, and decrease the Advanced Tune to 0% to have the best result.

Note: It is recommended you should play the song first and then apply the effect that helps you listen to song morphed on-the-fly while making settings adjustment.

  • Click File on the menu bar.

Choose Save to have the modified audio sample overwrite its original copy or Save as to create a new file leaving the original song intact.

The Sound Format dialog-box will come up.

Image - free-tutorials-project40_09.png

  • Click Ok and please wait until the program finishes the saving procedure.

Then burn the file onto a CD. You can use the module Burner in AV Music Morpher 4.0 to do the task.


The steps above are just our recommendation.

Users of course will have a lot of ways to create their own music gifts using Music Morpher Gold 4.0, depending on their creation and inspiration.

We hope all the users will have fun and happiness while themselves making meaningful gifts for Moms on the great day.