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Morph vocal and add effects to a song with Media Player Morpher

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Did you know?

AV Media Player Morpher features Voice Morphing effect that basically change voice in any audio file. It also supports a great library of hundreds of audio effects to immediately enhance your experience.

This tutorial will guide you how to morph the vocal and add effects to a song by using Media Player Morpher

Note: This tutorial only helps you to enjoy your music with effects applied. It you want to make further editing on the files, please take a look at Audio Editor’s tutorial or Audio Morpher’s tutorial

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- On the main panel, click File menu and choose Open File(s)... (1) » Locate to your audio file(s) » Select it and click Open.

- Or click Playlist (2) to add files to your current playlist.

Open file audio

- Play the song.

- Click on Audio Morphs button (3) to open Audio Effects window.

- Then expand More morphs group »Special effects» Voice Morphing »Double-click on Voice morpher (4).

Add Voice Morpher

- The Voice morpher window will come up:

• Drag the Pitch slider to the right for a higher (female) voice output or to the left for a “deeper” (male).

• Adjust the Timbre to create the “voice color”.

• Adjust the Advanced Tune. (It's recommended the advanced tune should be low so that the background won’t change much.)

- Click Close (6) to close Voice Morpher window after you get satisfied result.

Voice morpher windows

- Choose other effects in the Available Effects column. You should combine up to 4 effects at the same time to get cool sound.

Add effects to the song

- To enable an effect, double-click on it or use Add to active effects button.

- To remove an effect, click Remove from active effects(7) button.

- To remove all effects, click Clear active effect list (8) button.