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Add subtitle to movie with Media Player Morpher

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

- Add a ready subtitle file to play with a video

- Create a subtitle file for a certain video

This is helpful for:

- Enjoy video at home with subtitles

- Create sing-along music videos

- Create educational videos for your children

- Create a secret message in a video

AV Media Player Morpher can do it well!

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- On the main panel, click on File menu (1), then choose:
Open File(s)…to open one or many files at a time.
Open 3D Video… to watch your video in 3D.
Open DVD… to run file from your DVD Disk.

Open video

- Click on Video Morphs button (2) to open Video Effects window.

- On Available Effects column, expand More morphs » Text»Double-click on3D Subtitles Editor (3).

- 3D Subtitles Editor Settings comes up.

Open 3D Subtitles Editor

1. Choose Open (4) if the video already has its own subtitle file (*.srt) » Open window appears, locate to the subtitle file » Click Open (6) » Enjoy the video with subtitles.

Add Subtitle

2. Choose Edit (5) to create a brand new subtitle file, or make a sing-along lyrics for your video clip.

- In Subtitle viewer… window:

• In Text box (8) type in a sentence

• Set Time Start and Time End (9) for the sentence to display.

• Click Add as New (11) to add the new sentence into the subtitle file.

• If you want to edit a sentence, select it » Edit in Text box or/and Time frame » Apply to selected (10)

• Continue until finish subtitling your video » Click OK.

- Back to 3D Subtitles Editor Settings window, choose Save As» Save subtitle file under SRT format.

Edit Subtitles

Now, play the video and enjoy your work!

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