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Audio & Sound Recorder – How to record audio from Youtube video

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Do you want to capture the audio of a Youtube video? Or want to capture the background music on Youtube video? Is it hard to get? You cannot play it on your MP3 player, because most of Youtube videos are in flv, mp4, mkv format. Downhearted? No, chirk up! This tutorial is going to introduce you an amazing way to extract audio from Youtube video with AV Audio & Sound Recorder.

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Go to Control Panel >> select Hardware and Sound. In Sound >> Select Manage audio devices (1) to open Sound window. Manage audio device In Sound windows, right click on the device list >> Select Show Disabled Devices and Show Disconnected Devices (2) and the Stereo Mix will be show up on the list of devices. Sound window Note: Right click on it and choose Enable (3) if it is disable. Enable Stereo mix After enable Stereo Mix, right-click on it » Set as Default Device (4) Set as default device

Access to, find and play the video you need to record.

Search Youtube video

Open AV Audio & Sound Recorder.

On Recording box:

Choose Stereo Mix (1) as recording device.

Select Stereo Mix

Note: Select Tools menu (2) >> Option (3) to open Option windows to setting your favorite.

Setting for output recording

Select Recording format list to change the recording format (4).

Recoding format

Click on Browser button (5) to change the local.


Go to main program, press Record button (6) to start recording.

Start record

If the Youtube Video is longer than the audio you wish to record, press Stop button (7) to stop recording with Audio & Sound Recorder.

Stop recording

Save Record comes out » Choose record name and record author. Then click OK button (8) to listen your recording.

Remember to check on Switch to Records List.

Save recording

On Records List:

The new recording will be added to the list. Double-click on it or click on Play button (9) on Player bar to play.

Preview recording


If you are satisfied with the result, click Export button (10) to export your recordings to different audio file formats.

Click here to learn how to export your recordings.

If you are not satisfied with the result, click Recording button (11) to record again.

Switch recording

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