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AV Audio & Sound Recorder – How to export recording to different audio file formats

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AV Audio & Sound Recorder is a free recording program for Windows which is able to capture various kinds of sound and audio; such as your voice from microphone, music playing on web browser; and save recordings under raw format. Then you can play, manage, edit and export the recordings for different purposes.

This tutorial will guide you on how to export raw recordings to audio files with AV Audio & Sound Recorder.

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Make sure that you already have satisfactory recordings.

» Click here for how to record your voice.

» Click here for how to record audio on Windows XP.

» Click here for how to record audio on Windows 7

- Select your recording » Click Export (1) to bring out Export dialog box.

Export dialog box

- In Export dialog box, you can leave the path in Folder option as default (2).

Otherwise, choose Browse… (3) then locate the folder you wish to save the file.

Save the file

- From the drop-down list in Output formats, select a format for the output file (4):

+MPEG Layer-3 for lossy compressed file

+ Monkey’s Audio for lossless compressed file

Click Export (5) to start exporting » Wait a second for the result.

Choose output format


For more audio format options, click Export with AV Audio Converter (6) to export and convert your recording at a time with AV Audio Converter.

Export with AV Audio Converter