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AV Audio & Sound Recorder – How to record audio (Windows XP)

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AV Audio & Sound Recorder is a free recording program for Windows which is able to capture various kinds of sound and audio; such as your voice from microphone, music playing on web browser; and save recordings under raw format. Then you can play, manage, edit and export the recordings for different purposes.

This tutorial will guide you on how to record streaming audio or music; from web browser, audio player, and internet radio…; with AV Audio & Sound Recorder (*).

(*) Applicable for Windows XP.

For Windows 7 tutorial, click here.

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This little trick will make it possible to record anything that comes out of your speakers.

- Double-click on the Speaker icon (1) at the bottom-right corner of your desktop to open Master Volume dialog box.

The Speaker icon

- Click Options » Choose Properties (2).

Master Volume dialog box

- Select Recording (3) » Check on Stereo Mix (4) on the list of volume controls » Click OK (5).

Properties dialog box

- Recording Control window appears.

Make sure that you don’t check on any checkbox on Recording Control (6).

Recording Control window appears

- Click Exit (7) on Option menu to close Recording Control window.

Close Recording Control window

Play the audio that you want to record, either it is from:

- Media players (such as Windows Media Player, AV Media Player Morpher, iTunes …);

- Web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera …)

- Online broadcasting shows.

Run AV Audio & Sound Recorder

On Recording box:

- Choose Microphone (Realtek High Definition) (2) as recording device.

Choose Microphone (Realtek High Definition)

- Press Record (2) to start recording.

Press Record to start recording

- And press this button again (3) to stop.

Press this button again to stop

- Save Record comes out » Choose record name and record author. Then click OK (4) to listen your recording.

Remember to check on Switch to Records List.

Save Record windows

On Records list:

- The new recording will be added to the list. Double-click on it to play.

Play the recording

-  If you are satisfied with the result, click Export (6) to export your recordings to different audio file formats.

Click here to learn how to export your recordings.

Export the recording

- If you are not satisfied with the result, click Recording (7) to record again.

Click Recording to record again.