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AV Audio & Sound Recorder – How to record your voice

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AV Audio & Sound Recorder is a free recording program for Windows which is able to capture various kinds of sound and audio; such as your voice from microphone, music playing on web browser; and save recordings under raw format. Then you can play, manage, edit and export the recordings for different purposes.

If you want to create slides with your voice narration, make some private voice messages or even be the vocal of your favorite song, this 3-step tutorial will help.

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- Run AV Audio & Sound Recorder.

- Click Settings (1) » Select Options to go bring up Options dialog box (2).

Select Options to go bring up Options dialog box

- On Recording format, drop down the list and pick an output format for the recordings (3).

You can also leave them as default if you are not sure what to do. Any wrong selection in this step may cause the output quality worse than expected.

Recording format

- On Program work directory, leave the path as default (4) or click Browse (5) to choose another destination folder for the recordings.

Click OK (6) to save changes and close.

Program work directory

- Back to Recording box, make sure that your microphone is set as recording device (2).

Choose recording device

- Click Record (7) to start recording.

Press Record to start recording


- Test if your microphone works okay.

- You should start to speak right after hitting the Record button.

- Your voice should be clear and loud enough.

- Click Stop (8) when you are done.

Press this button again to stop

- Save Record comes out » Choose record name and record author. Then click OK (9) to listen your recording.

Remember to check on Switch to Records List.

Save Record windows

- The new recording will be added to the records list. Double-click on it to play.

Listen recording

Your recordings will be saved under AVRAW format.

To put it into use or play it with other media player, you should know about how to export the recordings to any audio format.