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How to use Webcam Morpher in Skype

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In this tutorial, we demonstrate how to use Webcam Morpher 2.0 with Skype Chat, one of the most popular live webcam chat community.

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- Start AV Webcam Morpher, and choose the nickface from the Nickfaces list.
- Click here for detail instruction.

Note: If you are using Webcam Morpher Pro version, it is able to work with more than the two nickfaces that are already included in the free version. For trying some other humorous nickfaces, click here.

Go to Skype and start chat. The Webcam Morpher will be applied automatically.
- Select Tools menu (1) >> click on Options command (2).


- In Skype – Option windows, select Video settings (3) tab to settings for your webcam
- Choose AV Webcam Capture in Select webcam (4)
- Then, click Save button (5)

Now, you can turn back Skype chat instant and start video chat with your friend using AV Webcam Morpher