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Record your real webcam video with Webcam Morpher

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The built-in Recorder of AV Webcam Morpher can help you record your real Webcam video and save into different formats.

Steps to take:

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On the Webcam Morpher 2.0 main panel, click on Webcam Source button and select your Camera’s name in the list.

E.g: In the below illustration, the camera's name is HP Basic Starter Camera.

Click on the Recorder button (1) to open the Webcam Morpher’s built-in Recorder (2).

- Switch to Encoders Tab (3) and open the Setting button (4) for appropriated video codec.

- The Intel IYUV codec is highly recommended.

- Check on Record audio stream (5) if you want the audio to be recorded, too.

- Click on the Settings button (6) for appropriated audio codec. And, PCM codec is always recommended.

- Click OK to apply your settings.

You can now start recording all that you see with your real webcam.

- Click the Record button (7) to start the recording process. Click Pause and Stop to pause and stop your recording when necessary.

- By default, your recording files will be kept in the My Document folder.

For more detail on how to change other settings of WCM Recorder, click here.