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Voice Changer Software – Import new nickvoice into menu ‘Nickvoice’

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Voice Changer Software 7.0 (VCS) can change a user’s voice to any desired output quality regardless of its gender or age by changing its pitch and timbre. The big built-in nickvoice library and effect library are handy for use.

Menu Nickvoices serves as a quick access to all the ways you wish to alter your voice. Nickvoices is categorized into For Male Input Voice, For Female Input Voice, Special and Custom. This tutorial will help you insert your favorite nickvoice into Custom Nickvoices for prompt use.

* You can click here to learn how to export nickvoice file(s).

* Download nickvoice package at our Add-on Store for instant use.

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'save' folder of is the location where the VCS configuration is stored. Once the nickvoice is imported into this folder, it will automatically be added to menu ‘Nickvoice’>> Custom

*  Path to ‘save’ folder of VCS
In Windows 2K/XP/2003 - c:\documents and settings\%username%\application data\avnex\vcs7\save
In Vista and Windows 7 - c:\users\%username%\appdata\roaming\avnex\vcs7\save

*  How to enter this folder:
Type %appdata% in Run dialog box or Start menu search box
Then go to avnex\vcs7\save subfolders

- Go to ‘save’ folder as instructed  above

- Copy the nickvoice file (.nvc) to this folder

Copy the nickvoice file

- Also, copy nickvoice’s component settings (*.eq, *.fmnt, *.veq, …) to this folder.

Note :

It is recommended to add multiple nickvoices for various choice.
AV Voice Changer Software_nickvoice01

On main panel of Voice Changer Software , choose menu ‘Nickvoices’ >> Select Custom

AV Voice Changer Software_custom nickvoice

A list of pre-saved nickvoice(s) will show up. Select the nickvoice you want to use. It will be immediately loaded into the Voice Morpher's Pitch and Timbre graph.
If your nickvoice file (.nvc) comes along with advanced settings, do similar tasks to load custom Equalizer (.eq), Effects (.efs), Formant Morpher (.fmnt) …