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Voice Changer Software Basic - How to load pre-saved nickvoice

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The Voice Morpher panel of Voice Changer Software 7.0 (VCS) allows you to customize a nickvoice and say in whichever voice you tend to mimic.

With the nickvoice file(s) is saved somewhere on your computer, this tutorial will help you bring it out directly into use.

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* You can also download nickvoice package at our Add-on Store for instant use.

* If your nickvoice is already stored in Save - subfolder of VCS7, follow this tutorial to complete loading the nickvoice.

* If your nickvoice is stored somewhere else on your computer then continue reading.

On Voice Morpher panel, choose Load command (1).

Voice Changer Software Basic - Load nickvoice

When the Open dialog box comes out, locate where the nickvoice file (.nvc) is saved (2) >> Double-click on it or click then Open to insert the nickvoice preset (3).

Voice Changer Software Basic - Open nickvoice

The nickvoice will be immediately loaded into the Voice Morpher's Pitch and Timbre graph. You can start experience your changed voice with this basic, or make further enhancing / modifying with VCS's other features.

Voice Changer Software Basic - The result after load custom nickvoice


If your nickvoice file (.nvc) comes along with advanced settings, do similar tasks to load Equalizer (.eq), Effects (.efs) ... files.