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AV RingtoneMax - How to create funny ringtones for Thanksgiving day

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Thanksgiving Day is a great chance to show thanks and love to your family and your friends. May this suggestion be a perfect gift for them - a funny ringtone which helps you to say out loud your gratitude toward your loved ones.

This tutorial will guide you on how to create your own ringtone for Thanksgiving’s day. It’s time to throw away old boring ringtones and create really cool ones with AV RingtoneMAX.

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- First, start adding file by clicking on the Add button (1)
- Select My Computer (2) and locate to your favorite song
- After finish selecting the input file, click Next (3) at the bottom-right to continue with Step 2.

Click here for some FREE Thanksgiving's Day songs and ringtones


- If you want to create a remix of two songs, repeat the process above for Track 2.

- You can also record your own voice saying some wishes and add it as a track of the ringtone

Select songs for the ringtone

- Effects can be applied partly or entirely on the song.
- Move the Start point (1) and End point (2) with your mouse or drag to select your favorite portion.
- Select any effects you wish to add to your ringtone.

- Click on Next button (4) go to Step 3.

Modify the song and apply audio effects

Note: Start, End and Length timing box are for accurately adjust the timing.

In this step, save the result and send it to your cell phone or share it with your friends.
- Select Ringtone format (1):
+ Codec: MP3 (Lame)
+ Channels: Stereo
+ Bitrate: 128/320 kbps
- Select Destination (2): Select My Computer or Bluetooth Device to save the ringtone on your hard drive or send it directly to your cellphone via Bluetooth.
- Click on Send button

Send or save your work

- Check out our work, click here.

- Our original songs were downloaded here.

- Learn more about how to work with AV RingtoneMAX, click here.

Your ringtone is done. Enjoy and share it with your loved ones. Happy Thanksgiving!