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Using free YouTube Downloader and Ringtone maker to make ringtones from YouTube videos

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YouTube: is a well-known online video sharing website. It allows internet users to host and share their homemade videos with other internet users. Most of Youtube videos are uploaded by individuals; although media corporations like CBS, BBC, Hulu, etc. also offer their videos via this site. The videos on Youtube are diverse with a wide range of variety content from (official) music clips, TV clips, movie trailers, user-generated movie clips, etc.
This tutorial will tell you the steps to download a video from Youtube, and use the audio content of the video to make a ringtone. You will need AV Tube (our free YouTube downloader) to download Youtube videos, and AV RingtoneMAX (our free ringtone maker) to extract the audio and make new ringtones.


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To download the video from YouTube sites, we recommend you to use AV Tube. This is our free Youtube downloader, you can download AV Tube here.
Why AV Tube?
- It is a totally free, and user-friendly video downloader from Youtube.
- It helps you easily choose the highest quality video that is available for your Youtube video link.
- It also supports download videos from many different video sharing websites like Metacafe, g4tv, vimeo, vodpod, etc. (See the full list of support websites by AV Tube )

Using AV Tube is easy; however, if you need help, check out this tutorial.

Creating a ringtone from the downloaded video with RingtoneMAX, our free ringtone maker, is as simple as putting a biscuit into a basket. RingtoneMAX has a user-friendly interface of only 3 steps to create a new ringtone. For detailed instructions on making a ringtone from audio of a video clip, please read this tutorial.


Have fun with your new favorite ringtones.