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AV Ringtone MAX - How to create a cool ringtone for Valentine's Day

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AV RingtoneMAX is a free ringtone maker that is designed to fulfill any hi-tech user's desire for cool and unique ringtones. Users can use their own voice, laughs or singing, their favorite songs, funny sounds, audio files from CDs or video clips to make the ringtone.
In this tutorial, we will guide you through the way to make a ringtone for Valentine's Day by AV RingtoneMAX

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- First, you start adding file by clicking on the Add button (1)
- Select My Computer (2) and add file from your computer to Track 1 and Track 2
- After finish selecting the input files, you can click on the Next (3) button at the bottom-right to continue with Step 2.

Search for Valentine's Day songs and ringtones.

Notice: this tutorial is working on a remix ringtone with both Track 1 and Track 2 loaded. If you would like to create a solo ringtone, make sure that only one of the track is loaded with input file.

Figure 1: Add the song to Track 1 and Track 2

- You can freely modify your ringtone with favorite portion selection and effects adding up.
- Move the Start point (1) and End point (2) with your mouse.
- Select Bass Boost effects >> Click on Next button go to Step 3.

Figure 2: Select and add new effects for your ringtone

Note: You can select Start, End and Length timing box

In this step, save the result and send it to your cell phone or share it with your friends.
- Select Ringtone format (1):
+ Codec: MP3 (Lame)
+ Channels: Stereo
+ Bitrate: 128/320 kbps
- Select Destination (2): Select is My Computer or Bluetooth Device
- Click on Send button

Figure 3: Export a ringtone

- Tryout the quality of the ringtone created in this tutorial, click here.
- You may find the original song for this tutorial from here.
- To learn how to work with AV RingtoneMAX, click here.
Your ringtone is now ready. Enjoy it!