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How To Make An MP3 CD

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In  this tutorial, you will learn how to burn audio files (in any formats) to an MP3 CD using AV Music Morpher 5.0 (MM5).

AV Music Morpher 5.0 is a versatile and very handy audio editing software. It is designed specifically for converting audio file formats, morphing music, recording from various sources, burning audio files to CD/DVDs,even designing CD images for your own albums and many other cool as well as advanced features. Therefore, the program can use used both at home and even audio studios.

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- Prepare your own audio files. Remember that the more unique they are, the more special your CD will be.

Note: You can morph your favorite songs,or even your own songs with MM5 before burning them to a CD.

- Insert a blank CD into your CD-RW drive. (or DVD-RW)

Note: Only CD-RW or DVD-RW can burn audio files to a CD. You can check your drives by going to Device Manager.

- Choose Burner tab on the menu at bottom.

Make an MP3 CD 1Make an MP3 CD 1

- You will see a new menu on top of the software. Click Create New Data Disk button on the new menu.

Make an MP3 CD 2

- Click the Add files button to select the audio files you want to burn.

Make an MP3 CD 3

- The audio files will be listed;you can rearrange the order of the songs. However, make sure the total size of your files will not exceed the disc size. Just take a look at the bottom line and you will see the total size.

Make an MP3 CD 4

- When everything is ready, click the Copy to Audio CD button.

Make an MP3 CD 5

- The Project window will appear. In this window, you can choose the options you want but remember the most important option: Burn Options. Make sure you select Convert all audio files to mp3.

Make an MP3 CD 6

- Click OK >> The Record Audio CD dialog box will appear.

- To start the burning process, click Burn button.

Make an MP3 CD 7

- First, your files will be converted to mp3 format, then they will be burnt to the CD. When the process ends, click Ok on the Information message box.

Make an MP3 CD 8

And now, enjoy listening to your favorite mp3 songs from your newly created MP3 CD, or you can send it as a gift to the loving people around you.

Have fun.