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Add Visualization To The Player

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In this lesson the way to decorate your playback in AV Advanced Morpher will be studied in details.


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Click Choose Visualization button on the AV Advanced Morpher Toolbar, Visualization dialog-box will appear

Image - free-tutorials-project26_clip_image001.jpg

Image - free-tutorials-project26_clip_image002.jpg

(1) Determine the priority of the thread, which displays the visualization video of your playback.

You can select 2 values: normal and high.

(2) Select the visualization provider in the Plug-in Type combo-box.

(3) Select the mode in which the visualization video will be displayed.

(4) Select the plug-in theme - In this combo-box you can select the theme of the chosen plug-in.

(5) Click Ok button of the Choose Visualization dialog-box to start displaying the selected visualization

Now you can see the Visualization itself and manage it by clicking the following buttons

Image - free-tutorials-project26_clip_image003.jpg

(1) Choose Visualization. Clicking this button brings you to the Choose Visualization dialog-box, where you can select another visualization plug-in and adjust its.

(2) Visualization Properties. Brings you to the visualization properties dialog-box if this feature enabled in the selected plug-in.

(3) Close Visualization. Closes the visualization, displays Playlist Panel and switches to normal toolbar.