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A New Way To Identify Your Game Community With AV VoizGame

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Tue 15 Aug 2006 – Audio4Fun (a.k.a. Avnex Ltd.) has announced to draw a surprising way to identify online game players in one team/community by special voices produced by AV VoizGame (//
After a marketing research on customer’s purchasing process of AV Voice Changer Software range, found that the need of Voice Changer Software for Online Role Playing Games is incredibly potential. AV VoizGame, a special voice changer software for online gamers, was launched 6 months later to penetrate into a very lucrative market: Online Role Playing Game Community.

In Multi Player Role Playing Games or high speed Games, team spirit is highly needed and chatting among Game Community is one of the way to show up his/her contribution to the success of the whole team. Trading/Exchanging weapons, cooperating in killing enemies, etc. become much more effective by talking over the microphone rather than typing. A chat application such as Yahoo Messenger or Skype with voice chatting seems to be enough but in fact, the need of online game players is more than that. They want to make their team members’ voice sound distinguished which is easily to be recognized or talk in the voice of their role playing characters in the Games.

AV VoizGame would be the proper answer as this software can change user’s real voice to hundreds of voice outputs regardless of gender and age. With 10 preset nickvoices, even a new users can easily switch their voice to different male or female ones to be suitable with the game characters they are playing. The software also allows professional users to create their own nickvoices by changing Pitch and Timbre to a suitable level and saving the setting as a preset for later use. Other features, such as Advanced Tune, play a very important role in making the altered voice natural and authentic.

With AV VoizGame, players in one team can regulate one distinguished type of voice, such as robotic voice to be easily recognized by other members in the team. This will be very helpful to present teamwork spirit of players in one realm or clan and certainly, being the winning heroes in every Online Game with “game chat” is much easier than ever.

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