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Doing Business on Your own Blog with AV Voice Changer Software

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Thu 7 Sep 2006

Not only well serving for the entertainment purposes, Audio4fun also supremely fulfill your online business plan with their wide range of innovative products. One of the greatest ways is promoting your business on personal blogs with smart AV Voice Changer Software.
Today,, AOL Hometown, Yahoo!360 Friend, etc. are no longer strange with pro Internet users who are not only accessing but also presenting on the Internet. With these free services, you can easily build up your own online area- Blog to share your thoughts, ideas or information with your buddies, colleagues or even with strangers around the world. And of course, if you are sharp taste of business and intelligent enough, you can make your blogs be an ideal business place. Moreover, a smart aid of high-tech tools on your blogs can help you to earn a lot of money in the information technology era.

Long time well-known as a leading provider of audio and video applications, Audio4fun suggests pro bloggers to apply their innovative software to promote their online home business.

With some simple actions such as adjusting Pitch and Timbre, adding effects, using Frequency Morpher, you can create any expected output voices from warm, deep, serious, strict, sexy to sweet voice for your various business purposes such as voice over, voice dubbing, voice greeting by just AV Voice Changer Software. You can upload some sample files on your blogs so that your customers can qualify the professional level of your job.

Moreover, if you are creative and artistic enough in using Voice Changer Software, you can create many unique self-created greeting e-cards which help people to send their warm-hearted voice messages to their beloved. And of course, you can earn money in receiving orders to make greeting cards on every special occasion. Blog is where you can place your advertising, exchange the information with customers, etc.

“Our Voice Changer Software is not only serving for entertainment purposes but also providing many accessing ways to do business. We are now in the first steps in activating our customers’ creativeness. The next steps are yours,” said Louise Anderson- Audio4fun Community Manager.

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