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Audio4fun Provides New Music Morpher Gold 4.0 Details

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Fri 15 Sep 2006 – Avnex Ltd announced today that the new version of Music Morpher Gold is not ready to debut soon but they did provide some useful information. Get update news from Audio4fun Developer Team at //
According to Terry, Head of Audio4fun Lab, the new version will have significant upgrades compared to the March build of Music Morpher Gold 3.0.

The multitrack editing waveform will be added ON/OFF button. Users from then on will be able to select/deselect the tracks they want to include/exclude in the mix file. This improvement was made due to suggestions from Audio4fun Lab testers, who had felt that multitrack editing module lacked the activeness in switching between tracks.

Besides, Terry also disclosed that Audio4fun developers had completely added some new features to Music Morpher Gold as well. The new version will help users play back their MIDI files, as well as convert WAV to MIDI format. Player will also support play multi channel files.

Audio4fun Developer Team has been publicized a note recently, “Quality of removed files depends on how songs are recorded and mixed. Other placement of the vocal in the stereo field cannot be removed. If songs are not recorded in this way, their vocals are not removed at all. This is why some songs work great while others do not. Therefore, you do not expect this software to remove vocals 100% nicely. In some cases, however, it will be useful enough to remove vocals.”

Terry said, “The voice extractor and remover functions still cannot remove or extract vocals completely out of a song. However, we are proud that Music Morpher Gold delivers the best quality of removed voices and extracted vocals in the market.”

In the next months to come, Audio4fun will release the free lighter version of Music Morpher Gold 3.0 with no time limitation and new technology as well to meet increasing demands from their users.